Terms / Privacy Policy
Read carefully the rules of the server ! There will be no mercy for nobody!

Keep your password safe,put a intricate passwords and don't share it with no one!
The heroes and the items in your account are under your responsibility!
Also applies to the giving of items - your doing it on your own risk!
  1. You cannot ask from GM's or Admin items or any kind of benefits.
  2. You cannot offense the GM's or the Admin . Respect them!!
  3. You don't have the right to use hacks,patches or any other programs(bugs) that makes your game easier.
  4. You don't have the right to advertisement other servers , forums and any others.
  5. You don't have the right to close city.
  6. You cannot impersonate yourself for GM or Admin.
  7. You can close the BloodCastle one minute before the end.You have no right to steal the quest item in BC6 or giving the Qitem to another player for ranking purposes!
  8. You dont have the right to cheat on your guild members.
  9. You dont have the right to stay inside of Worm ( Worm Event).
  10. Its forbidden to go to the Dungeon3(WormEvent) with Aggility more than 10,000 points (Not valid for Elfs)
  11. You cannot kill on event(except on PK).
  12. It's forbidden to stay afk at Stadium!
  13. It's forbidden to make SPAM in game POST(its only for trade)!
  14. It's forbidden to join in DevilSquare 4,BloodCastle 6 with Elf with 500+ Energy!(We have AutoBan System)
  15. Gm's or Admins don't have the right to ask your passwords or killing you with no reasons !
  16. Forbidden are trade deception, make screenshots every time when you make deals.

  17. Selling your account(heroes and items) only front administrator otherwise you're doing it on your own risk!!!

Policy of the server prohibits selling account(heroes) for sms in other servers!It's forbidden to sell credits for real money!

We have no responsibility for your accounts(items and heroes) from theft. If you lose password , there is an option at the website "Forbidden password".

In violation of the rules ,the offender will be punished no matter if his account is his or stolen. Using hacks, patches and all utilities put a ban on the IP address and block all accounts enter this IP address. In frequent violations of similar IP addresses put a ban on the entire network!

As you play MuOptinet, you are bound to agree to abide by written rules above. If you disagree with any of them, or you change your mind or simply do not play here.


- Every hero, that wants to participate must be loaded himself with potions in advance, viewed his/her items and accumulated at least 3 kills on his/her account.
- When you are ready and sure, that the Admin is calling heroes from your race, you have to write to him, so that he can teleport you to the place, where the tournamen is going to be.
- It`s forbidden the use of satans, horn of unilia, dinorants and angels.
- Once you`ve been teleported, no matter what the reason, you have no right to ask or request from the Admin to teleport you back.
- You are not allowed to use spells during the tournament, unless you are dueling. The prosecutors will be warned once and will be disqualified for a second violation.
- Do not argue or offend the Admin, because you may be punished depending on the situation.
- The heroes, who are called to duel, stand next to each other, then go out of the hero and enter again to avoid bugs.
- The duel stops, if there is no kill in the all duel wthin 1 minute. Then one item must be removed and the duel continues from the beginning.If have kill - 2 minutes for remove item
- There`s a 1 minute duration, if one of the heroes is Disconnected, after that he is removed from the rournament. If he appears within a minute and he is Disconnected for a second time, and he returns again, the Admin adds 1 point for the opponent.
- You are not allowed to use the following spells: Twisting Slash / Rageful Blow / Teleport / Lightning / Ice Age / Penetration / Weapon skill (for Blade Knight amd Magic Gladiator only).
- A hero, who has won the Hall of Fame event misses next week`s.(items too)Its forbidden to come with another hero.
- Only Magic Gladiator can use Shield during the Hall of Fame event.
- From now on MGs are allowed to participate in a Hall of Fame Event or in a PK Event, using shield skill and Dark Wings. ArchAngel Wings are forbidden for MGs during Hall of Fame and PK Events.
- A hero`s vitality should not exceed 50% of his total points ( FOR MG limit is 35%).
- Minimum 3 players needs for start event! - One space empty between players when dueling.


Every Guild Master from the Guilds that want to participate will be summoned by the ADMIN.
Guilds that their names are similar, will be treated as one guild. Example: Evolution and Evolu7ion / Evolution and Ev0lution.
Every Guild will have the right to participate with 5 heroes, as one of the participants must be the Guild Master. When the signing up finish, all the participants have to gather in front of the Castle Gates in Davias with coordinates 25 25.
Substitutes can be made before each duel. If any of the players is disconnected during the fight, the duel continues without canceling it or entering a new player from that guild.
The HOF will be Guild vs Guild, as the fight will last until all heroes from one of the Guilds are killed. The heroes, who are killed are forbidden to come back, unless their Guild is the winner.
It will be forbidden to use Dinorants, Horn of Unilia, Satans, for the Soul Masters to use Teleport or Mass Teleport and Buffers. At the event you have to come with stats for HOF Event. Every irregularities when it comes to vitality and agility (for Soul Masters) will be watched. Shields are allowed only for Soul Masters and Magic Gladiators.

During the fight the heroes are not allowed to leave the Castle, as for the ones who are not summoned are not allowed to go inside, because their Guild will be disqualified.
The price for the Guild winner will be:
1st place – 20 boxes + 5
2nd place – 10 boxes + 5


Terms / Privacy Policy
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