Welcome to MUOptinet 97d + 99i Hard MU Online Server .

Online Players: 115
Record: 284
Admins: 1
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⚝HallofFame 14rr⚝

Next HallOfFame PKEvent Sunday 19:00h - 1.MG 2.BK 3.SM 4.ELF-
Golden Monsters >> 3 x GoldenTantalos, 7 GoldenLizards.
Пуснахме първите 5 куеста. За да започнете да изпълнявате куести говорете с Guard(Lorencia Bar). Проверка на текущ куест /questinfo
We starting our quest system ( First 5 ). For start quests must talk with Guard(Lorencia Bar). Check current quest > /questinfo
Вече пръстени и огърлици падат от бокс+2 и +3
Rings and Pendants drop from box+2 and +3.
SkyEvent is enabled(every 2 hours).Kundun Staff drop from mob Phoenix - Icarus
First Hall Of Fame PK Event - 02.07.2017г. 20:00h

Има силни атаки от конкуренцията срещу сървъра - влизането става по бавно и се налага да пробвате повече пъти.
The server is under ddos attack. Please try more times to joining in server

If use Avast Antivirus : Click here
Timeleft to Official Start:


Once again we proved that Mu Optinet is the best Mu Online 97d + 99i server ever:
  • 99.95% Uptime - we've been online despite continuous attacks on the competitors
  • Most players online - 332
  • Another successful season lasting over a year - 400 days!
  • Another season without hackers, dupers and lag!
  • Over 53 Hall Of Fame events !
  • We hired few but honest and strict GM's that diversifying your game.
  • We've made the unique dual stats system(and it was copied by lots of other servers)
  • We've made Market system that easily sell your items even when you are not in game.
  • We've made detailed post system in site to stop the spam in game
  • We've made Quest system with 70+ quests
  • We start Exile map with good spawns
  • We've made bank for jewels and we cleared more space in to your inventory
  • We created Dungeon 2 Event which certain weak sets were reinforced
  • We created Worm Event in Dungeon3
  • Balanced SM and MG on PVP duels
  • And more other things that made this season unforgettable
  • Created accounts - 6 000+
  • Created characters - 12 000+
  • Created guilds - 320+
  • Resets count - 76 000+
You proved once again that the server is worth your attention and time.

We are waiting for you !!! !!! 

Contact with administrator
Skype: muoptinetgroup
Email: [email protected]

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